Mouna Shashi (zin)

CERTIFIED ZUMBA INSTRUCTOR - (KIDS & ADULTS) I am Mouna Shashi, a passionate and enthusiastic certified Zumba instructor with 5 years of experience providing Zumba lessons to kids and adults. I started my journey as a television actress and then into business and after my post-delivery, I wanted to get back to shape and that's when "Zumba changed my life" and I chose to change other's lives to make them fitter and happier. And I am glad that I have made that difference. I love dancing and exercise! I believe that fitness and healthy eating habit should be our lifestyle.

I have taken group classes in gym"s, schools, gated communities, and events. I use enthusiasm to influence the love of fitness among students. And I have always been appreciated by my students as dedicated, being patient, persistent, and passionate about my work. I am also certified kids yoga and mindfulness instructor

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