RYT 500. Certified Hatha Yoga, Therapy Yoga and Aerial Yoga trainer. Trained in yoga by highly acclaimed yogis of Hyderabad, Dr L V Kumar and Mr Ashok.

With over fifteen years of experience in self practice and about four years of yoga training experience, my focus would be on zero resistance yoga i.e., training the body and mind in subtle yet powerful ways. Will be following combined practices of kriya, asana, breathwork, meditation and more. The trendy and high intensity yoga or any workout result in damaging the body…the muscles build up on creatinine phosphate, cells become acidic, low in oxygen supply leading to degeneration of muscle fibres and worst still… making one feel tired and blaming your practice for not giving you the expected results. What one needs is a sensible yoga package that helps in building lean muscles rich in blood capillaries, supplying more oxygen and providing one with endless energy. Remember, ultimate goal in life is happiness, that which you could attain only when you can remain energetic the entire day. lack of energy=lack of motivation=anger=frustration=stress=illness=and more. ZERO RESISTANCE YOGA IS THE YOGA FOR YOUR SOUL

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